• The crew does their inspections daily.

    Aloha! My name is Dennis Hurd, and I am the president of Atlantis Adventures Submarines International, Inc., based in Hawaii.

    Until 1983, I was running my own worldwide service company, Offshore Engineering Corp., which operated the small oil-industry subs. Then, in 1985, after experiencing the thrill of undersea exploring with a group of executives, I realized the potential that lied in underwater tourism. So along with a group of investors, I drew plans for Atlantis I. In 1987, Atlantis II followed, and in 1998, we were gaining worldwide media attention with National Geographic and "Good Morning America." Today, we operate a fleet larger than that of many national navies!

    At Atlantis Submarines, we are proud of our 20 years of operation, and we’re continuously soaring to success, offering the most unforgettable experience in underwater exploring.


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    Out on the deck of Atlantis Submarine.
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    View from the Captain's Chair!